Thai Remedial Massage
and Day Spa

...invite you to enjoy a rejuvenating
experience in pleasant serene surroundings.
Soft lighting, relaxing sounds and
luxurious aroma oils all combine
to provide a tranquil feeling
of wellbeing.


OPEN 7 DAYS : 10:00am - 9:00pm
245 Victoria Rd, Gladesville NSW 2111


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*Please noted : booking online required 12hr ahead, and make sure you receive a confirmation message from our team.

BOOKING : (02) 7901 8971

Favorite Types: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Hot Stone, Remedial Massage

Rejuvenate Package : 90 Mins
  • • Ideal for mild stress ,
       tight muscle & relaxation
  • • Includes time for
       combination full body
       massage or focused
       relief of tension area

  • + Foot Massage
  • + Hot Stone
Restore Package : 120 Mins
  • • Ideal for chronic stress,
       tension, tight muscles
       or pain
  • • Full body massage
       dedicated relief of
       chronic stress or pain
  • + Foot Massage
  • + Hot Stone
Benefits of Massage

Reduces Anxiety, Stress & Depression
Greater Energy
Relieves Headache & Migraine
Reduces tension & eases muscle pain
Enhance exercise performance
Improves Sleep Boosts Immunity
Increases Blood flow & Circulation
Improves overall Flexibility

Hot Stone

(Customized with your combination massage each one hour or above)
Araya Hot Stone melts away muscle tension to provide deep relaxation and
improve circulation. Stress reduction and mild relief of chronic aches also improves sleep.
Heat from the hot stones allows the massage to penetrate deeper into the muscle
for a relaxing healing experience.

Our Therapists are well educated qualified professional
graduates from famous Thai and Australian colleges.
We use luxury and unique Australian top brand pure
organic massage oil.
We offer relaxing healing therapy in a private
Thai luxury environment.

Thank you for visiting us.

"A very professionally-run spa, with beautiful calming
decor, and well-trained and experienced masseurs that
fully express the smoothness of silk and strength of steel
that's only ever found in Thai massage"

James Cadwell